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Newest Deviations

-you're not procrastinating are you?
-even if you are, go draw!
-practice hands, fingers, nose, neck, legs, toes
-you still didn't know how to place eyes correctly gdi
-do you ever realize that you always draw characters facing left-side? yeah. change that
-practice a whole goddamn anatomy, male & female-figure. you're still suck at it gosh
-oh your chibis suck too
-i'm not gonna talk about pose. look at your own drawings now. you should be ashamed of yourself (okay ._.)
-and your backgrounds (okay ,_,)
-if you have time now, you should do all of these, i mean one at a time but yeah all (what)
-practice drawing faster you slowpoke. why do you still have to take a day to finish only 1 drawing? eiishh lembab
-experiment more with colorssss they are fun
-oh you have senpies? don't just adore them, look at them style, look at how they do it
-you dont deserve a kouhai if you are this miserable (oh)
-dont get discourage after reading all these facts. go and have fun drawing! (lmao k)

Random Favourites

deviation in storage by Sarubaby
Fabulous arts!! Ahah why they have to be so awesome?
Σ(゚∀´(┗┐ヽ(・q・ )ノ
  • Eating: fats
  • Drinking: sugar wow
Animated Rainbow Star Divider by Gasara

Hello I'm open for commissions now Kao Emoji-83 (Good Morning) [V5] by Jerikuto

:bulletpink: But first, I ONLY DRAW
 :bulletyellow: human
 :bulletyellow: OCs
 :bulletyellow: will only do simple pose
 :bulletyellow: may do simple background (or will be left blank white)

:bulletpink: I WON'T DRAW
 :bulletyellow: fanarts
 :bulletyellow: big boobs (for chibi but aaaaa I will try and just go with it if it doesn't look too weird)
 :bulletyellow: muscles / bara men
 :bulletyellow: shirtless/topless chara (sorry 'n') 
 :bulletyellow: anthro
 :bulletyellow: armor
 :bulletyellow: complicated weapons
 :bulletyellow: mecha
 :bulletyellow: NSFW

:bulletpink: PAYMENTS
 :bulletyellow: Paypal only
 :bulletyellow: I don't accept points

Animated Rainbow Star Divider by Gasara

:bulletpink: CHIBI
 :bulletorange: 1 chibi : 6 USD
 :bulletorange: 2 chibis in one drawing (may or not interact with each other) : 10 USD
 :bulletorange: Examples of chibis (second and third ones are my current style)
  Wantaro: The S Underworld System from the Bishonen by AukiBiyaFOODS: New chibi style? by AukiBiyaChibiComm4: fleesveon by AukiBiya

:bulletpink: HEAD SHOT
 :bulletorange: 12 USD
 :bulletorange: Only one character per drawing
 :bulletorange: Just simple pose (or maybe same pose wow)
 :bulletorange: Will not draw hands
 :bulletorange: Examples of head shot
HeadshotComm1: DamarysYT by AukiBiya

:bulletpink: BUST-UP
 :bulletorange: 15 USD
 :bulletorange: Only one character per drawing
 :bulletorange: Just simple pose (maybe same pose too o(-(()
 :bulletorange: Will not draw hands
 :bulletorange: Examples of bust-ups (second and third one are my current style)
  Semirea by AukiBiyaAT with MaeMe96 by AukiBiyabonusAT for MaeMe96 by AukiBiya

:bulletpink: WAIST-UP
 :bulletorange: 17 USD
 :bulletorange: Only one character per drawing
 :bulletorange: Examples of waist-up
  AT with Recolzer by AukiBiya

:bulletpink: THIGH-UP
 :bulletorange: 20 USD
 :bulletorange: Only one character per drawing
 :bulletorange: Examples of thigh-ups (third and fourth one are my current style)
  KagePro: Shin by AukiBiyaNew Auki! by AukiBiyaDECO*27: Two-Breaths Walking by AukiBiyaOSMT: Fab kara by AukiBiya

Animated Rainbow Star Divider by Gasara

Please note me if you are interested and fill this 'form' lmao
Type of commission: (chibi(1 or 2 cheebs)/bust-up/thigh-up)
Name of your OC: (not that important but i just want to get to know your dear oc u//q//u)
Reference drawings/pictures: (if chibi, please give a full body ref. Or not, you'll just have to explain how their lower bodies look like and some refs too maybe. It'll be great if there's more than one references of the oc but it's optional)
Personalities/special traits: (it'll be great if you could detail on this so I won't make any mistakes when I draw them later on)(and if it's two chibis, please also state their relationship with each other. If they're not related or anything, I might not draw them interacting with each other)
Any things that I should not forget to draw: (moles/scars/glasses/bow tie/cat ears/or anything)
Other else: (certain poses or anything)(optional tho)

Animated Rainbow Star Divider by Gasara

:bulletpink: EXTRA NOTE
 :bulletblue: I have the rights to DECLINE any commission request
 :bulletblue: I'll accept the payments AFTER I finish the sketch
 :bulletblue: I am very sorry if my style change (as you can see from the examples above/cries)
 :bulletblue: Prices may change in the future
 :bulletblue: Expect my turtleness in finishing the commissions;;
 :bulletblue: Tho I'll definitely inform you if something ever came up and I would turn up late

Animated Rainbow Star Divider by Gasara

// Leave a question here if you have any trouble understanding any of these im not good at explaining stuffs sorry;;

Animated Rainbow Star Divider by Gasara


AukiBiya's Profile Picture
Auki | Biya | Pizza
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

Osomatsu Stamp by megumimaruidesu002 by euxoxstampsOsomatsu-San by JustYoungHeroes002 by euxoxstampsOsomatsu Stamp by megumimaruidesu

Call me Auki! or Biya. The foods calling me Pizza ( /)u(\ )

Thank you very much for the faves, +watches and llamas!
And thank you for your nice and kind comments, it fills me with happiness whenever I read em;;; - ;;
I'm slow at replying unfortunately. I hope you don't mind receiving a 5 months late reply from me//k no

Don't trust :iconanisakichi:. I am no one's uke.

Thanks for dropping by.
Have a great day!
Kao Emoji-85 (Good Bye) [V5] by Jerikuto


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